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My Services

I strive to get to know you, your business and what problems you need solving or ideas to be created - from the very start. At the heart of JFC is my passion for people and how I can help you get back to doing what you do best, leaving the complexity of the content and design to me. 

I bring a niche in an in-depth understanding of marketing tactics and copywriting, as well as practical experience with graphic design.

Each service and price is different depending on the project, complexity and/or timeframes.


from $99

My services for proofreading depend on the length and complexity of the copy, and all include:

  • full grammar and spell check

  • check of syntax and flow

  • check and fix of any readability issues

  • saved and exported into files of your choice e.g. PDF

Logo Design

from $149

My services for logo design depend on the complexity of the design and length it would take to complete the project - and includes:

  • logo ideation e.g. key messages, core themes and images

  • logo creation using my Adobe tools e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator

  • logos will be sent in any format you wish - usually JPEG and PNG.

Comprehensive Branding Design

Chat with me to find out more

My services for comprehensive branding design depend on the complexity and length of the project, and includes: 

  • full logo creation and design 

  • full colour scheme creation

  • typography creation

  • guidelines for using the fonts, colours and logos and where to use them best

  • brand guidelines to be sent along with the accompanying assets e.g. logos and fonts

*bonus of imagery set to be discussed if applicable

Website Content

from $150

My services for website content depend on the number of pages, as well as the complexity of the content - and includes:​

  • landing page content e.g. for events, advertisements

  • web page copy e.g. home page

  • full content write up, and implementation on your website platform

Social Media Content

Chat with me to find out more

My services for social media content are heavily dependent on what your needs are. I offer the following services in social media (but not limited to): 

  • singular social media post copy for all written platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

  • monthly social media management 

  • analytics reporting and performance 

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Some of my work

Featuring some amazing up-and-coming Kiwi businesses

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APT Game Studio
BLH Consulting
BLH Consulting
Core Massage Therapy
Core Massage Therapy
Ebb & Flow
Ebb & Flow
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