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Chats with Jessica

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

She started off writing Hunger Games fan fiction, hates the taste of honey and could be a potential serial killer due to the amount of murder documentaries she watches on Netflix.

Let’s start with the big question – pineapple on pizza or not?

I don’t discriminate against pizzas - I won’t say no but I won’t actively say yes either. If someone bought me a Hawaiian pizza I’d eat it, but I’d definitely choose a triple cheese myself!

Sweet, so why the name Jessica Freelance Creative?

Funnily enough, it’s actually my name initials! My full name is Jessica Floyd-Crabbe – and at the heart of what I love to do is creating. Ever since I was little I’ve always been a creative spirit – through the arts, music, writing and reading. I love the fact I can bring that passion through to my career now too and thought it was a cool way of mixing my passion with my personal name!

How did you get into this industry?

I’ve been in love with writing since I was little. That transformed into a love for journalism and news reporting in high school where I worked for a local newspaper, then lead to a Bachelor degree in Communications, majoring in Public Relations and Marketing. Since then I’ve worked in a range of different industries, from FMCG, events, corporate communications, to retail – the whole time coming up with ways to communicate to different audiences in meaningful and engaging ways.

What does ‘creating content’ mean to you?

Content just encompasses all different types of ways we can communicate to people, or audiences, mainly through written or visual form. When I grew up I couldn’t wait to communicate through books – storytelling really is my passion. The best thing about communication is hearing what isn’t said, and turning that into a really awesome hook to get audiences excited about what you’re talking about. Creating content is that, but doing it in a creative and meaningful way. I love the fact that I can include my passion for writing with something awesome like graphics, or videography too.

How has it evolved for you in your career or life?

When I first started my passion and career in communications, I loved being able to interact and engage with so many different stakeholders to create an awesome piece of content. Now, I know it’s so much more than just that. It’s about creating connections, using so many different tools and mediums like videography and social platforms, to get to audiences in different and unique ways.

Something different – when do you feel most energized?

If we’re talking literally, it’s with a vanilla latte, sitting on the beach and reading a good book. But what gets me really energized and passionate is connecting with people – especially those important to me in my life. For a job, there’s nothing I love more than being able to sit down and just connect with others – which is partly what drew me to my career in communications. Turning someone’s passion into something people can see tangibly and be inspired – that’s pretty energizing to me!

What is it about serial killer documentaries that you love so much?

No, I am not secretly a murderer…although I would murder a good chocolate cake every now and then! I actually used to want to be a criminologist when I was younger. Imagine interviewing a serial killer and getting to understand what makes them tick – I was fascinated! It’s the mystery of it all, trying to better understand why people do what they do. But no, I still wouldn’t want Ted Bundy to be alive today, as much as I am fascinated by his motives and crimes.

And what does Jessica Freelance Creative aim to do?

I created JFC to do what I love – create meaningful and inspirational content, all to do with people. I want to see all of New Zealand supporting and conversating with each other through so many different mediums. JFC was created with the purpose to start conversations and inspire others to do the same, and now I'm happy to say it's evolved into helping others add value to themselves and their businesses - by leaving the complexity of content to me.

Sound interesting and want to know more? Let's chat!

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