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Life can be complicated - your brand doesn't have to be!

Brands are everywhere nowadays, all selling something different. At the forefront of good brands - both business and personal - are their stories told extremely well.

I apply my years of knowledge in content creation and brand & marketing strategy to create, ideate and deliver powerful, meaningful content that will get results no matter the goal. 

Engaging and strategic content creation done well boosts brand awareness in the market, generates interest which leads to revenue, and helps your business succeed, quicker!

Young Businesswomen

Proofreading Services

Whether it be for a school or university project/thesis, CV's and cover letters, or something more complex like an advertisement, I provide services to ensure your content is fully set up for success to get the results you need.


Charlotte - Logo Design

I could not recommend Jess enough. Designing a logo for my business was something I struggled with, as I’m in no way artistically inclined, Jess made it so easy. She didn’t bombard me with questions she just took what I offer and my business name and created the most perfect logo. Jess took on any feedback with grace and implemented straight away. The turnaround was fast and sent to me with two different options, records of all colours used and fonts. Thank you Jess!


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Auckland, New Zealand

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